About Us

Hey!! I am Pradeep Palai I started this page with Rishabh Saraf Being the Co-Owner to illuminate people about recipes new ways people are upcoming up with to cook and enhance the taste and hacks to save time. Foods Island Is suppose to be a place for cooks and food enthusiasts to be together talking about food food food only. ​ Food Island is a great place for cooks and food enthusiasts and anyone who wants to just know something in this area. In this Food Island, each blog post is carefully brewed to keep your readers entertained and informed. And site like Food52 are also great place to read about recipes and tips we would be more than happy to collab with other bloggers to bring you some more content. ​ Food Island Is becoming what it was suppose to be Home, Home for different ideologies and recipes from generations all at one place here at Food Island.

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