With its roots in the lovely city of Mexico, many Americans, who visited Mexico to drink alcohol during Prohibition, fell in love with the marvelous Mexican classic drink. Today, as one of the most popular cocktails in North America, a margarita is famous for its sweet, sour, and tangy mixture. A margarita is a cocktail made by mixing together some tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur. The rim of the glass is more often than not covered with salt when served. The various ingredients used in its making, each with its own distinct tastes, cause an explosion of flavors across one’s taste buds.


A margarita can be of many types. It can be creamy, fruity, or frozen. It can also be spicy, fizzy, or on the rocks. There are a lot of varieties to choose from when you are making a margarita. Yet, the classic margarita happens to be the favorite for most people. No matter how many twists and new elements people add to a margarita to make it taste even better, nothing can top the classic version of the drink. Here is a quick way to make your very own classic margarita in the comfort of your home.


For the following recipe of margarita, the list of things that you will need is:

· 2 ounces of Blanco tequila.

· (1/2) an ounce of agave syrup.

· (1/2) an ounce of orange liqueur.

· 1 ounce of lime juice. You must squeeze the lime juice every time you make this drink since it will bring out the perfect taste of margarita for you. It is ideal to use fresh lime juice in the margaritas.

· You can add some ice for the chilling effect.

· Some lime wheel to garnish the drink.

· Some kosher salt to garnish the drink.


Directions for Making an Enticing Glass of Margarita:

1. First and foremost, take out your cocktail shaker. Make sure you have washed it thoroughly so that it is clean.

2. Second of all, after you have cleaned out your cocktail shaker, toss the ice into the shaker.

3. Third, pour your 2 ounces of Blanco tequila into the shaker, followed by the (1/2) an ounce of agave syrup. Then, add (1/2) an ounce of orange liqueur and 1 ounce of freshly squeezed out the lime juice.

4. When you have poured all the ingredients mentioned above into the cocktail shaker, put the lid on the shaker properly. Make sure you have firmly closed the shaker so that your drink does not spill out.

5. Now, shake the drink vigorously until the beverage is well-mixed and chilled for at least 10 seconds. If you do not do it properly, it will not taste well at all.

6. Now, the next step is absolutely optional. You can garnish your drink with the lime wheel and kosher salt. If you want to have salt on the rim of your glass, go through with the following step:-

· Run a lime wedge over the rim of the glass of your choice. A rocks glass would probably be the best choice for you.

· Once you have done that, pour some kosher salt onto a saucer.

· Take the glass and dip the rim of the glass into the salt. Roll the glass around the salt to properly coat the rim with the salt.

7. After you are done prepping your glass (or have skipped the previous step), drop some fresh ice into your margarita glass.

8. Next up, take out a strainer and carefully strain the margarita through it into the glass.

Lo and behold! Your freshly squeezed margarita is ready to be served.


Essential Notes in Keep in Mind:

· You can use any tequila for the margarita, but the use of quality tequila is crucial for making a tasty margarita. The Blanco, which is made from blue agave, is the perfect tequila for the margarita as mentioned above.

· Meanwhile, tequilas may be the classic variation of the drink. But, in my honest opinion, nothing beats the mezcal at all. Mezcal and tequila are made from the same ingredients, yet they are processed differently. Mezcal’s agave is submerged in pits with hot rock. In contrast, tequila’s agave is baked in stone ovens. As such, they are similar in taste, yet not exactly the same. The earthy, smoky feel of the Mezcal is certainly unbeatable.


As you can see, the recipe is pretty much straightforward, and it is simple to make. It should take you 10 minutes tops to prepare and make the margarita. So, have fun experimenting with your favored flavor in a margarita.

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