Top 13 Gujarati Recipes Which You Can Try at Your Home!

Flavours! Colours! You may interchange any of those words with Gujarati and still be forgiven by anyone who understands what life in Gujarati looks like. Located on the western coast of India, the Gujarati are loved for their rich cultures. These cultures are particularly noticeable as a result of its glitz and the colourful dressings on display. What about

Gujarati cuisine? You can never expect anything less with regards to the popular Gujarati recipe. Gujarati foods are rich in flavour, colour, and filled with spices. They are incredibly delicious and tantalizing to the taste buds, with endless varieties to keep you yearning for more. Let’s look at 13 of the famous Gujarati recipe you are likely to encounter in a Gujarati household.


Top 13 Common Gujarati Recipes


1. Undhiyu

With Undhiyu, you will agree with me that seeing makes believing easy. The colourful sight of mashed banana pastes surrounded by veggies and fruits like lemons, eggplants, green peas, and the rest is enough to resurrect a dead appetite. This Gujarati recipe is prepared in an inverted clay pot. That is where the name Undhiyu is derived from. Other ingredients included in this Gujarati recipe include yam, potato, beans, coconut, flour, etc. It is usually served with shrikhand or puris during important occasions like wedding ceremonies. With Undhiyu, absence makes the heart goes fonder, as you must wait till winter to enjoy this sumptuous delicacy.


2. Gujarati Khichdi

You can trust the culinary creativity of the Gujarati with this recipe. Khichdi is famous all over India. But Gujarati found it necessary to adapt this food to their version, which is significantly softer and succulent. The delicious flavours of khichdi are derived from the creative blending of ingredients like vegetables, rice, ghee, and others. You can savour this delicacy with buttermilk.


3. Fafda

Fafda is one of the favourite dishes you can find in Gujarat. It is a simple snack that is easy to make. Its ingredients include besan, ajwain, green chillies, fried crisps, and many others. You can savour this cake while having a good time along with any chutney of your choice.


4. Dabeli

This snack is adequately prepared and beautifully packaged in such a way that you can hardly escape the temptations of taking a bite of it. Dabeli is estimated to be the most consumed snack in Gujarat, especially in Kutch. It comprises ingredients like Dabeli masala, peanuts, spices, and other vital ingredients that give it a unique taste.


5. Gujarati Kadhi

This is another Gujarati recipe adapted from its North Indian version. It is a tasty recipe made from gram flour, yoghurt, buttermilk, vegetables, and other ingredients. This recipe is best consumed when hot with rice or roti.


6. Dal Dhokli

This is a delicious staple food in Gujarat. This recipe is very spicy. Its principal ingredient is wheat. But it is spiced and garnished with turmeric, peanuts, TUVAR dal, kokum, curry, and other ingredients. You can eat it with rice or chapatti.


7. Dhokla

Dhokla is like a trademark food in every Gujarati household. It is spongy and attractive. Its ingredients include chickpeas and rice before being fried with seasonings and flavours like curry, mustards, cumin seeds, chillies, and other ingredients. You can eat it with Meethi or green chutney. It is incredibly delicious.


8. Rotolo

This food is prevalent and essential in Gujarat like any staple food is in any part of the world. You can find it more often in winter. Flours of Jowar, Bajra, Nachni, and others are used for baking this bread. This Gujarati recipe is best eaten with green chillies, raw onions, and buttermilk.


9. Bardoli Ki Khichdi

Do you want to enjoy rice in all its glory and fragrances? Then you have to try Bardoli ki khichdi. This fragrant rice is prepared from spices, peas, potatoes, dal, and raw mangoes. The end product is a rich and super delicious recipe that will keep your taste bud wishing for more.


10. Methi ka Thepla

This is bread with rich flavour made in Gujarat. Chillies, yoghurt, methi, and sugar are blended with flour to make this delicious flatbread.


11. Handvo

This Gujarati cake is rich in delightful flavours. Different ingredients like buttermilk, coriander, lentils, bottle gourds, rice, peanuts, and other nutritious ingredients are used in making this recipe. Irrespective of the many ingredients used, Handvo takes about half an hour to prepare. You can serve it with any chutney of your choice for your consumption or to entertain guests at parties.


12. Patra

These popular snacks bring the health benefits of colocasia leaves home to your doorsteps. Patra is beautifully rolled and served. Sometimes some spices and besan are blended with colocasia in the preparation of Patra. Patra gives a combination of sweet and sharp tastes. Patra is used in entertaining guests at most dinner parties in Gujarat.


13. Shrikhand

Another name for this dish is Matho. Shrikhand is simple to prepare, but it is super delicious. This dish is much valued in Gujarat, that you can find it during pujas in many temples in Gujarat. Elaichi powder and yoghurts are the primary ingredients used in its preparation. Keeping the dessert always for the last! This is one Indian dessert that you can’t afford to miss.


These are just a few of the rich cuisines on display in Gujarat. Gujarat recipes are healthy and filled with tasty flavours. They are also adequately spiced. Irrespective of your culinary preference, you will find it hard to reject any food in Gujarat.

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